"Okay! So it’s safe to say the women of my generation are beyond beautiful. Don’t believe me? Then meet the stunning Miss Taylor Arnell. Taylor is a nineteen year old full time Sophomore Mass Media Arts Major and radio television film minor at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Not only is Taylor just your typical college scholar she is an imminent business owner, fashion socialite, model, philanthropist, brand ambassador, exceptional host, and apprentice. Over the past couple of years she started getting a lot of inquiries about her everyday life from her post on social media. From that point on she knew it was time to take it to the next level. She stated, “I started to upgrade my appearance and attended the events where imperative people would be to help get my name out”. Miss Arnell has had the pleasure of hosting many events around the Atlanta and New Orleans areas, modeled for some of the stars you may see on television every week, and made an appearance on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. With many troubles and tribulations she has faced in her life she has also managed to   create a positive name for herself. She is well known for her innocent appearance and her girl next door brashness. For more cool going ons with Taylor follow her on the gram (@IamTaylorArnell)” - FlyeGhi Shaun (@LongLiveTheFlye)

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Meet the lovely Brittney Moniique. Now i don’t use the word “Stunning” to often, but this young woman is nothing less than exactly that, STUNNING! When we reached out to Britney this is what she stated about her craft and journey as a professional model. “I love modeling because I love to take pictures and pose for the camera it just comes natural. What made me start was years ago when watching ANTM I started looking more and more into the business but about 2 years ago I really took advantage and just start working with different photographers and just been getting better and better.”

Brittney says her top 3 fashion brands are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, and that some other things she also likes to do is act.  Her love and hardwork at her craft  with modleing and acting has landed her a feature on Vh1 lala full court this past July. To check out more of Brittney Monique follow her on Instagram ( @brittney_moniique )

- FlyeGhi Shaun ( longlivetheflye )

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Meet Cookiie Trinidad! A super talented model and not to mention gorgeous women. We caught up with Cookiie and she shared a few fun facts with us about her and her career as a model.  Cookiie stated 

"Last year I was given the opportunity to be a model in a music video. I met and talked with a few people, and soon after, I networked my way to my first photo shoot. I began reaching out and working with a number of photographers in the area. I enjoy the learning process. I know quite a bit about this industry and what it takes to be not only a good model, but a ground-breaking model. Its hard work but I get stronger and more knowledgeable with every gig I am blessed with. I enjoy creating art."

To link up with Cookiie followe her on The Gram (@cookiietrinidad)  - FlyeGhi Shaun (@longlivetheflye)

Top 3 fashion brands: “I love everything Burberry, Polo by Ralph Lauren, and great pairs of Levi’s jeans” - Cookiie Trinidad (@Cookiietrinidad)

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